Bratenahl Homes for Sale

Incorporated in 1905, Bratenahl is one of the older residential suburbs of Cleveland along with Shaker Heights, Lakewood, and Cleveland Heights; of these, Bratenahl has the highest per capita wealth. Bratenahl is a small community of fewer than 1,200 population inhabiting approximately 700 households, some of which are stately estates, townhouses, and condominiums on the lakefront. Its famous Lake Shore Boulevard has been featured in many magazines including Better Homes and Gardens.

Bratenahl is home to a once controversial luxury high-rise condominium complex called Bratenahl One and Two. Though many residents opposed it at the time, in 1967 two large multi-occupancy buildings of brutalist architectural design were built on the lakefront to create an opportunity for comfortable apartment dwelling in a municipality where previously only free-standing single-family housing existed. One of the two structures was originally intended to be a 180-unit rental apartment building, while the other, smaller one was a condominium from its inception. In 1976 however, the larger one also became a condominium, and the ultimate success of these two condominium associations heralded a diversification of housing types in Bratenahl Village since that time. Condominium suites in these two structures range in price from $150,000 to over $1.0 million.

The People and Families of Bratenahl

In Bratenahl, about 52% of adults are married. Bratenahl offers a lot of one-person housing. Looking at the village, you’ll find a large share of the people are not married. You’ll feel comfortable in Bratenahl if you’re 65 since the village is home to many people that age or older.

Wealth and Education

In 2000, Bratenahl had a median family income of $104,987. People in Bratenahl generally have good earning power. The village has a large middle class. Bratenahl enjoys an educated population. In the village, try going next door to borrow a cup of sugar or an inkjet printer cartridge — home offices are quite common in the village. This village has lots of successful singles.

Bratenahl Housing

Owners occupy 85% of the housing units in Bratenahl. The village sports a large amount of seasonal housing, typically for vacation or part-time use. Residents here pay higher tax bills for their homes, which generally means better schools and other local services.


From the director of Recreation: I am proud to represent a village with so much to offer to the family and friends of Bratenahl. Villagers and guests enjoy strolling along our beautiful streets, lined with green foliage and accented by corner flower boxes. Bratenahl is home to beautiful acres of wooded wetlands that are diligently preserved for current and future generations to enjoy.

With the guidance of our citizen volunteer Parks and Recreation Commission the department oversees and maintains such amenities as the newly resurfaced tennis courts and tennis ball machine. The Dog Park that provides a safe fenced in grassy area with fresh water for our furry friends to play during a trip to the park. At our heart are the lovely Community Garden and Village Park with a beautiful open-air gazebo, picnic tables and community playground.

Parks and Recreation also hosts a variety of seasonal events throughout the village. In the warmer months they include the Easter Egg Hunt, 4th of July Firework Celebration, Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony. During the winter we host many popular events such as Wine Tastings, Lectures and a Holiday Brunch with Santa featuring horse-drawn carriage rides.

Our Community Center is warn and welcoming, a wonderful gathering place for villagers and guests. The center houses a variety of activities including the Internet Café, Exercise Room, Art Room, Pottery Studio, Club 55, Yoga and Kick Boxing Classes.

We invite you to browse our Parks and Recreation Calendar, and hope to see you at the next event. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions; I look forward to helping you.