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Euclid is known for its superior municipal services, access to the lake, employment opportunities, and quality of life.  Many residents are attracted to Euclid due to its great location which offers easy access to all parts of Northeast Ohio, access to the lake, affordable housing, and its close sense of community. Whether they are near the lake or up on the hills, residents at various stages of life are responding to the draw of Euclid’s neighborhoods. Established families and empty nesters are finding that the charm of the lake, the multitude of recreational activities and the ease of access to the rest of Greater Cleveland are compelling reasons to choose Euclid.

RelocationToEuclid2Housing options in the City of Euclid have never been better. Euclid’s housing stock offers a wide variety of options. It includes the charming homes of Euclid’s early days, the bungalows and ranches of the post-WWII period,high-rise apartments and condos, and more recently newer built homes and condominiums. In all, Euclid offers a remarkably wide range of housing options. All of these homes are set in attractive and diverse neighborhoods with easy access to schools and parks and the commitment to community of a host of dedicated residents. Euclid boasts over 70 neighborhood and civic organizations. Mary Czyzycki president of the Lakeland Civic Association observes, “Our top priority is ensuring that our neighborhood continues to be a great place to live and raise a family. By making sure our neighbors are informed and aware of city issues and by building relationships through neighborhood events that we organize, we are building and maintaining the sense of community that originally drew us to this city.”