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The land currently comprising Lyndhurst was part of the Western Reserve, obtained via treaty with the Iroquois tribe in 1796 by the Connecticut Land Company. In 1797, Moses Cleaveland named the area east of the Cuyahoga River Euclid, after the Greek Mathematician and Patron Saint of surveyors. Euclid Township was officially formed in 1809. Despite this, Lyndhurst’s population consisted mostly of Native American Indians until after the War of 1812.[7]

In 1828 Euclid Township was divided into nine districts, with the present area of Lyndhurst becoming district four.

From 1877 the main traffic corridor has been Mayfield Road (U.S. Route 322). Initially a wood-planked toll road, it is now home to many retail establishments and restaurants.

The earliest industry was farming. As the area grew, it became known as Euclidville Village, the name changing to Lyndhurst Village in 1920 before Lyndhurst was formally incorporated as a city in 1921.