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Residents and businesses of the City of Painesville take great pride in being at the center of one of the fastest growing areas in Lake County.  Visitors and residents enjoy Painesville’s beautiful setting, historic downtown, efficient, high-quality services, low crime rate, low utility rates, new schools, 13 parks and an active YMCA.The City is the county seat of Lake County, which is one of the leaders in population growth, median income and educational achievement.

Photo by OZinOH

Photo by OZinOH

Some of the nation’s most successful business and industrial leaders are located in Painesville, including Avery Dennison, STP, and Core Systems.  The City is also home to Lake Erie College.  Residents can drive within an hour to many other distinguished institutions, including Cleveland State University, Case Western Reserve University and Kent State University. Nearby, Lakeland Community College offers high quality commuter college classes and programs.

Painesville’s commitment to every citizen within the community sets it apart from other communities. High-quality parks, full-service utilities, engaging recreation programs and strong support for maintenance and repair of public facilities reflect this commitment.

The City is 30 miles from Cleveland, close to Lake Erie and the Grand River. State parks for summer exploring and winter hikes are also nearby.

In the greater Painesville area, gazebo concerts, Lake Erie College Morley Music Hall, the historical society and Morley Library address the most demanding cultural needs.

The City offers shopping convenience with downtown shopping and dining in a unique historic business district.

Quality educational institutions, skilled municipal administration, a wide range of recreation programs, reasonable utilities, pedestrian friendly and a vibrant multi-ethnic community are just some of the many attributes that make Painesville a great place to call home.