Why should you use the Vaccaro Team as your exclusive buyer representative…

Create a customized plan that addresses your personal and financial needs

FindĀ your new home in the shortest amount of time possible.

Devote ample time and services to accommodate your schedule for touring homes in the neighborhoods of your choice

Continuously update you on newly listed homes so that you can see them first.

Arrange for consultation with a loan officer to aid you in establishing a financial program that best suits your needs.

Provide you in advance with copies of all documents that will be part of buying a home.

Prepare the purchase agreement and present your offer to the seller.

Negotiate on your behalf the price, terms and condition of the sales contract.

Explain why you may choose to have a home inspection and/or a home warranty

Facilitate the closing process, including mortgage, insurance, utilities and settlement companies.

Assist you with a walk-through inspection of your new home prior to settlement.

Exercise skill, care and professionalism in all aspects of the transaction.

Keep in touch after the sale!

As Your Exclusive Buyers Representative I will work solely for you and at no cost to you. I will take You through the home buying process step by step until we achieve our final destination.